“We nurture young minds and improve children’s lives”

Why choose us?

Childcare is undoubtedly a great responsibility and you want only the best for your child. At St George’s we aim to provide a quality and professional service that is completely child-centered and genuinely cares about your child’s interests and respects their individuality

Your child’s early years are the most important of their life. During these formative years, children can benefit emotionally, socially and intellectually from interacting with others, hence building a solid foundation for their future lives. At St George’s we want to ensure that your child positively benefits from being in our care and also benefits from the relationship between home and nursery.

We ensure that children at St. George’s are learning, safe but above all happy. From the minute you bring your child into the nursery to the moment you collect them you can be confident that, at St. George’s, they will be in a nurturing environment, full of stimulating and educational experiences.

“Our aim is to ensure that your child receives the best start in life whilst away from home”