Tummy Time at Nursery & Top Tips

You may have heard of ‘Tummy Time’ from either your midwife, health visitor, or other parents, and the importance and health factors associated for new babies in alignment with development and growth. Some studies have shown that the babies who get a lot of ‘tummy time’ strengthen their core muscles and learn to crawl earlier.

At St. George’s Nursery, many of our baby room team have received Tummy Time training so that they can ensure they are always providing the highest standards of care to all babies at St. George’s Nursery. It allows them to safely and effectively deliver Tummy Time sessions as well as enabling them to give helpful advice to parents.

Tummy Time Training at St. George's Nursery

What is Tummy Time?

The activity entails giving your baby a small amount of time lying on their tummy whilst they’re awake, so that they can get used to being in this position. It enables them to explore the different ways they can move their head, limbs and neck. Make sure they’re wide awake and not asleep, for safety reasons.

Tummy Time at Nursery

It also helps babies to develop their hand-eye coordination, by looking down at their hands as they see how they move and what they can do. Lying your baby down in different positions helps develop their balance and movement.

Babies who tend to spend most of their time on their backs may experience some delays in developmental milestones. Growth and development are a key part of your baby’s life and tummy time only takes a few minutes of the day and you will soon start to see results. If you would like any further information or advice use the following link:

St. George's Nursery's Top Tips for Tummy Time
What is Tummy Time?
Tummy Time Top Tips