St. George’s Nursery’s Library

With children spending more time in front of screens nowadays, it can often be difficult for children to develop a love of literature and reading. The power of reading fluently and developing an enjoyment of reading is key for the growth and development of children and in order for them to become confident and independent learners and thinkers. It also helps children in becoming more open-minded, understanding different ways of living, and acquiring language skills.

The idea around our library system is to promote a ‘Love of Reading’. We would like to encourage parents and children to bring in books that they have already read so that they can share the enjoyment of these books with their peers.

How It Works

The children are able to choose a book that they would like to take home and read. Once they have finished reading the book, they return it back to the nursery. This system gives the children more independence in choosing their own books – the children can look through all the available books and pick the one they believe they will enjoy to take home and read.

This system helps the children to understand how to share, not only their books, but also their love of and their experiences with the book. This helps them to bond with their nursery friends and staff and create meaningful relationships.

Further this helps to promote reading as a fun experience for children, particularly for those that don’t find reading as enjoyable as others do.

Please see our blog post: “How Reading Can Enhance Your Child’s Progress” to learn how reading together can be a wonderful social experience and how it can strengthen the bond between parent and child.

How Do I Donate Books?

The system is very straight forward and easy. Any old, used, new or unwanted books that you wish to pass on are very much welcomed here at St. George’s Nursery. Simply notify the manager or nursery staff of the books you wish to bring in for the nursery & we will keep a record of the books we have on the system.

Benefits of Reading?

There are many benefits to reading which we have outlined in the blog post: “How Reading Can Enhance Your Child’s Progress”

These benefits include cognitive development, improved literacy, listening and social skills and greater concentration and empathy.

Why is Reading for Young People so important?

Books are more than stories. Books are more than facts. They are fundamental for each child to develop speaking, listening and language skills and it helps to set them up for success at both primary school as well as in their future careers.

Developing a love of reading in the early years is a lifelong lasting gift, not only in an imaginative sense but also in the development of important literacy skills. Reading provides a growth of knowledge and the development of critical thinking.

Thank You

Our library system is a great way to see the children bond with one another when discussing the books that they have read and with parents during story time. It is also a good way for them to discover more about themselves and develop a passion for literature and reading.

In the past, we have had parents come in to nursery to read to the children, which the children thoroughly enjoy! If this is something you would like to do, please contact your nursery manager or a member of the St. George’s Nursery team.

We would like to thank you in advance for any type of involvement in or donations toward the St. George’s Nursery library.