“The child supplies the power but the parents do the steering”

Partnership with parents

We believe parental involvement is vital to your child’s education, learning and development, and at St. George’s Nursery, we involve parents/carers right from the start – all the way from the settling in sessions, right up until graduation day!

Parental Involvement

A close relationship with parents is important to help achieve a happy and relaxed environment. We encourage parents’ input and involvement from day one. We welcome you to stay during pre-visits, as this will help your child to settle into nursery life, and for stay-and-play sessions, where you can experience all the fun that your child experiences on a daily basis. We also encourage home visits for your child – this provides us with valuable information ready for your child’s journey at St. George’s Nursery.


Key Person

A member of our team will be assigned as your child’s key person. They will be responsible for meeting your child’s specific, unique and individual needs. All staff based in your child’s room will get to know your child well, but their key person will be in charge of finding everything out about your child, including their preferences and routines. They will use this to support your child’s learning, growth and development.

Regular Communication

A positive partnership can only be achieved through regular contact and we take every opportunity to achieve this. Both the key person and the Manager are available daily to talk; and to keep you informed, we publish regular newsletters, use social media, parental surveys and parents’ evenings.

Parent App

At St George’s each child will have an individual learning journey, which you as parents can access via the First Steps Parent Link App. The staff team will record and monitor your child’s development and progress in each of the areas.

Parents are encouraged to add to their child’s learning journey and contribute notes, observations and developments for their key worker to read. This in turn helps the key worker to create a more bespoke learning plan for each child and also improves and strengthens their relationship and bond with the parent. Even parents who are unable to collect their children themselves, they can continue to maintain good communication with their child’s setting.

Parents can also use the app to remain informed with events and activities taking place at the nursery throughout the day. From engaging with you in your child’s learning journal, to viewing daily activity, meals, nappy change and bottle change and sleep notes, we want to ensure that parents have strong connections to their settings and involve themselves in each stage of their child’s learning, progress and development.

You can download First Steps Parent Link App here

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