Paediatric First Aid + Millie’s Mark

The British Red Cross states that first aid is giving assistance to someone hurt or ill, before expert medical help is given. Not only does first aid help in everyday accidents and illnesses but can also save lives.

Current guidance from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) states that only one person with a paediatric first aid certificate needs to be on site and available within a childcare setting. However, at St. George’s Nursery, we go above and beyond these minimum requirements. Each and every one of our staff is trained in paediatric first aid and each of our sites has been accredited the Millie’s Mark award*.

We strongly believe that following a medical emergency, the ability and confidence to administer timely and suitable first aid is a vital skill for those looking after others. Therefore, we made the decision to ensure that all of our 100% of our staff are fully aware of what to do in a paediatric emergency first aid situation and provide reassurance to parents that their children and happy and learning, but above all – safe.

* Millie’s Mark will be awarded as a special endorsement to childcare providers that go above and beyond these minimum requirements by having 100% of staff trained in paediatric first aid, and also ensuring that everything learned during the course is kept alive and in the forefront of practitioners’ minds so that they are confident, ready and capable. It acknowledges that children’s safety is at the forefront of the provider’s mind when they care for your child.

See more pictures from the paediatric first aid training course in August 2020 here –