“Only where children gather is there any real chance of fun”

Our work with the community

It is important that our children grow up to be well balanced individuals and understand the importance of community and helping others. At St George’s we do many things to assist with this such as fundraising for important causes. At harvest time we will collect items for homeless/disadvantaged families and young people, it is important for the children and families to understand that there are always others out there that are less fortunate than ourselves.

We also develop close links with care homes for the elderly as know what benefits this can have for both age groups. The children will visit and spend time in the homes, they will take hot cross buns at Easter and go and sing carols at Christmas time and take mince pies. The elderly also come into the nurseries and join our children in their daily activities. Much fun is had by all.

Other members of the community will come and visit also such as parents with specific skills or jobs that the children can learn about, the police, the fire service, doctors/nurses, check out our blogs to see some of the things we get up to.