“Imagination is More Important Than Knowledge”

Imagination is important

Imagination. A key factor in everyone’s development. Whether it be as simple as a drawing, to creating a fort, to trying to prove a hypothesis. We all have it. So why don’t we challenge it more often?

Benefits of Imagination for Children

There are multiple benefits to constantly challenging your imagination. Not only can it improve your memory or enhance your problem solving skills, but it can also improve your confidence and social interactions. Moreover, it piques your curiosity so you’re constantly asking questions and learning more about the world.

Holistic Resources

At St. George’s Nursery, the children have been using holistic resources (everyday items) to create a variety of toys such as cardboard cars and kitchen/diners. This helped them to learn about different areas of adult life. They learned about construction by creating small towns. About hospitality through creating kitchens, farmer’s markets and diners. There was even a card reader with contactless payment available!

Exploring Fruit & Healthy Eating

The children have also been learning about produce. Teaching them about fruit allows them to explore foods that they wouldn’t normally eat. Due to their curiosity being peaked, they develop an interest in healthy eating.

When children are able to analyse fruits, they are more open to trying them. Why? Patience. Allowing them to take their time and think about what’s in front of them instead of just being told to eat it peaks their curiosity. They have the chance to imagine the texture and taste. What it would be like to eat.

Finally, using everyday items and imagination to teach children provides them with knowledge and resources to enjoy their day in an environmentally friendly way. Reusing plastic and cardboard boxes to create toys instead of using mass produced toys influences a sustainable lifestyle.

After the imagination day was over, we asked the children to reflect on their day. Here are some of their feedback.

” i liked playing captain america”, ” i played superheroes. I was wearing my cape and a mask”,” i was running away from the badies. They were chasing us and i used my sword to battle them.”,