How Reading Can Enhance Your Child’s Progress

Parent Partnership is something that we are very passionate about at St. George’s Nursery and we feel that for your child to develop his/her full potential, it is essential that parents and our team work together towards a common goal.

Parents/carers are the most important influence in a child’s life. Any educational initiative can only be fully effective if there is partnership between parents, children and providers.

Collaborative Home & Nursery Learning initiative

At St. George’s Nursery, we are starting a new collaborative home & nursery monthly learning initiative. Each month we will choose a different topic that we will focus on. We will let parents know what the topic is as well as letting you know what you can do at home with your little one to help with their progress and development in this specific area.

Your input and cooperation each month will be very much valued and we look forward to hearing and seeing (via First Steps parent app) what you and your little one will be getting up to at home in line with the monthly theme.

We hope we can rely on your full support and that you feel free to contact us at any point should you have any questions or concerns.

The theme for June is ‘Love of Reading.’

Love of Reading

With children spending more time in front of screens nowadays, it can often be difficult for children to develop a love of literature and reading. The power of reading fluently and developing an enjoyment of reading is key for the growth and development of children and in order for them to become confident and independent learners and thinkers. It also helps children in becoming more open-minded, understanding different ways of living, and acquiring language skills.


Books are more than stories. Books are more than facts. They are fundamental for each child to develop speaking, listening and language skills and it helps to set them up for success at both primary school as well as in their future careers.

Developing a love of reading in the early years is a lifelong lasting gift, not only in an imaginative sense but also in the development of important literacy skills. Reading provides a growth of knowledge and the development of critical thinking.

Department of Education

In 2017, The Department Of Education, carried out a trial of the Parental Engagement Network Home Learning Project. Through this study, they found that as well as seeing an improvement in the children’s progress, they also saw an improvement in relationships between parents and with the staff.

Finally, although there are a lot of benefits to reading, we want to know what you think. Let us know about the changes you’ve seen. Ask us questions. Let’s work together to better your child’s education.

Speak to us today to find out more