“An ideal place for establishing life-long healthy eating habits”

Food and Nutrition

At St George’s we operate a healthy food policy. This has been put together with the help of a dietician alongside our healthy eating accreditation. All meals are prepared freshly on the premises every day by our qualified and experienced cooks. Staff will sit and eat with the children to model social skills, and mealtimes are classed as a social event where good practice and discussion are encouraged. The older children are encouraged to serve their own meals and drinks, thus encouraging independence.

We also cater for different dietary requirements and, a vegetarian option is available daily. All of our cooks and staff are fully aware of allergens and the nurseries have excellent practices with regards to these. Weekly menus are displayed on
the Parent’s notice board. Young babies have a slightly different menu choice at times to older children within the setting and this will depend on what stage your baby is at within the weaning process.