Benefits of Nursery vs Stay-at-Home

Are you nearing the end of your maternity leave? Are you wondering whether to say goodbye to your career? We believe that these decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly so we want to help you by making sure you know all the benefits of sending your child to nursery vs staying at home with your little one.

Reduces social anxiety

One of the many benefits of sending your child to nursery, is that it plays a big part in your child’s social development. As your child is exposed to new people and environments, this change will help your child with their confidence as they will be able to develop their social skills and find talking to new people easier.

Those first few days of sending your child to nursery can be overwhelming for both you and your child. This stage won’t last long but can be difficult. On the other hand, it does make the moments you do spend with your child more precious. Picking your child up from nursery after work and spending time with them can more fulfilling and more enjoyable.

Reduce stress & learn new skills

Now we all know being a full-time mum can be stressful and tiring. With your child at nursery, your clean up time will decrease massively!! Messy play can be done at nursery so you’re not left cleaning drawings off walls and trying to figure out how to get paint stains out of clothes and couch cushions. They will also learn how to complete basic tasks like cleaning up after play-time and washing their hands before meal times.

Benefits to health

Finally, how many parents worry about their child getting ill? It can be frightening. Especially when they’re so young as their immune systems are still developing. Sending your child to nursery and exposing them to a new environment and different people can actually improve your child’s immune system and help them build a tolerance to common infections such as a cold. Children also spend a lot of time outdoors at nursery and take part in a variety of extra-curricular activities such as sports, Yoga, sign & Tummy Time, which all contribute to learning new skills whist keeping fit and healthy.

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