“Excellence in education is when we do everything we can to make sure they do everything they can”

Childcare for Babies, Toddlers and Preschool in Leicester



Our baby units offer a safe, caring environment and are filled with bright, soft toys and sensory equipment to encourage development. Babies’ senses are stimulated by our black, white and red areas and by participating in water play, music and singing and a variety of tactile/messy play.

A large part of their day will be spent cuddling and interacting with our caring nursery staff to strengthen those all-important attachments.

We aim to follow the home routines of each baby in our care, which include feeding habits, sleep patterns and any other specific needs.

Our baby units have separate sleep areas and nappy changing facilities. A daily written report is provided, consisting of information such as, feed updates, nappy changes and sleep times.


For this age group, the day becomes more structured, and is split between free-play and more organised adult-led activities. The activities are designed to help children to develop their social skills such as confidence, independence and co-operation, as well as their language and intellectual skills.

At St. George’s we take a balanced approach by allowing a degree of freedom and free-play. We encourage activities such as:

  • Arts & crafts including painting, drawing, sticking and cutting
  • Imaginative play including character, dress-up and role play
  • Sensory play including sand, water and playdough play
  • Nature study, outdoor learning and learning about and understanding the environment
  • Singing, dancing, Yoga, sports classes and various other physical activities
  • Other activities such as cooking with recipes, block sorters and jigsaws.

We run a Music & Movement programme involving creative and inspiring pre-school dance classes that is adapted to all abilities. Participation in this programme stimulates the imagination, gives children a head start in encountering new physical and emotional experiences and helps the mind and body to work together.


A child’s cognitive development is greatest before the age of six and it is therefore important that favourable conditions are offered and emphasized during these impressionable years. As the child moves through the group rooms to pre-school, they experience a wide variety of activities helping to prepare them for their move to school.

As well as many of the activities introduced in the 2-3s room, our pre-school children are also introduced to more formal activities such as reading, writing, and mathematics.

They are introduced to the use of computers and tablets to help fine-tune their fine-motor skills as well as to help boost their logical and problem-solving skills. These are not only used as a fundamental educational resource, but also to help prepare them for the high-tech world in which we live.

The children also enjoy extra-curricular dance, yoga and sports classes, which help develop their balance and co-ordination whilst ensuring they are keeping active for a healthy body and mind.

Our nurseries work on building strong links with local schools to enable your child to make an easier transition in to the school environment. School teachers will come in to the nursery to spend time with your child before they make that all important transition to big school.