“An Absolutely fantastic nursery. My son’s first couple of years started here from where he went onto his schooling. He has become a fine young man now and we can’t thank St. George’s nursery enough for giving him his first stepping stone into the education world. It brings back memories of how it all started. Ever since, we have recommended our friends and family to this wonderful nursery where the staff and owners have been amazing. We wanted to take this chance to thank each and every one of you.”

“I like the friendly approachable attitude of the staff. The creative learning my child partakes in and the amount of outdoor play.”

“St George’s provide safe, reliable care for my child which to me is worth every penny I pay.”

“A big thank you to all the staff at St George’s. You’ve made Zelda feel so happy and welcome. She has learnt so much and we will miss all of you dearly.”

“I really appreciate the flexibility and helpfulness of the care provided. The staff are amazing, warm, welcoming and my children love them all.”

“Both children have excellent in a way I couldn’t have imagined! They seem miles ahead of their peers at different nurseries. The way the nursery teaches them has also given me the confidence to trust them to do tasks I would not have thought of ordinarily (like pouring their own drinks, carrying their plates etc). The nursery is teaching our children responsibility for themselves and the environment around them. Its wonderful.”

“You care about each and every child and make everyone feel a part of the nursery. Its’s not about having flash and the latest gadgets for us, its knowing our children are happy and content with staff. Children don’t understand the value of money but they do understand love and consistency.”