Recent Activities 2021



This week 2-3’s have been exploring the 3 little pigs, they’ve been painting with bricks, building their own houses and exploring the role play.

We’ve also enjoyed playing in the snow!

The children have been exploring the new outdoor maths area, we have lots of natural materials for them to explore and count with.



This week the 2-5’s are looking at bees! We are creating using natural materials which the children have really enjoyed experimenting with. We have done finger painting bees and also free painting whilst trying to encourage the children with their fine motor skills to paint the black lines on their lolly pop stick bumble bees. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at other mini beasts and we will be bringing the giant African land snails to their new home at city.

Pre-school have made some fabulous snails, concentrating on their fine motor skills and concentration to be able to follow he swirl on the snail. The babies have been busy making lady birds out of paper plates, exploring the texture of the paint, paint brushes and also finger painting on wooden log slices.




The children in the 2-3’s classroom have all enjoyed learning about farms and the many different animals that live there. The children used different resources to create new textures also used different paints for each animal.

The children are all getting ready to celebrate Chinese New Year! and have all got very creative making a dragon and some Chinese fans. The children have picked out different resources to create the dragons scales.



We regularly practise yoga, meditation and mindfulness at St. George’s Nursery. We encourage children to talk about their feelings, and help them to deal with any difficult or negative emotions they may be facing.

This week for Mental Health Awareness Week, we’ve been doing a yoga flow with specific poses to help relieve stress and anxiety and we’ve been learning to create a relaxing atmosphere.



Our Piglet room have been exploring the world using their senses. They used their hands to feel the different textures on the texture board and the jelly between their fingers. They listened to all the different sounds the wooden rattles made when the children shook them. They have been smelling different herbs, scented oils and lots more. Piglets have been tasting lots of colourful, yummy fruit and looking at the animal shadows on the walls.

The children in pre-school have been exploring what happens when they mix different coloured paints together. The children chose what paints they would like to experiment with, then they rubbed their hands together to find out what colour they had created.

Our Lions and Hippos have been enjoying our texture trays. They explored the cereal and rice using their hands, spoons and tubs. Also in Lions and Hippos the children have been busy working in their new post office role play. They’ve been writing letters, answering the phones and busy typing.

Our Piglet room have been getting creative with lots of different artwork for their cosy corner display . Here they are making butterflies using their feet and paint. The children shown excitement as they felt the paint between their toes.

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