In the run up to Easter, we have been raising money for Women’s Aid Leics:

Our amazing staff have organised lots of fun activities for the children to get involved in, including:

They also organised ‘stay & play’ sessions with parents (via Zoom due to Covid) which everyone thoroughly enjoyed!!


Our staff also took part in their own Easter-themed fundraising activities, from creativity competitions, Easter-themed quizzes, and a staff-only egg hunt. Below are some of the photos! Yes we know… and INCREDIBLY talented and creative team we have!!!

A big thank you to our wonderful team for organising these fantastic, fun activities and well done to everyone for raising so much money for such a fantastic cause!


Thank you to everyone for your very generous donations. If you would still like to donate, please find our Just Giving fundraising page here:



This week 2-3’s have been exploring the 3 little pigs, they’ve been painting with bricks, building their own houses and exploring the role play.

We’ve also enjoyed playing in the snow!

The children have been exploring the new outdoor maths area, we have lots of natural materials for them to explore and count with.



This week the 2-5’s are looking at bees! We are creating using natural materials which the children have really enjoyed experimenting with. We have done finger painting bees and also free painting whilst trying to encourage the children with their fine motor skills to paint the black lines on their lolly pop stick bumble bees. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at other mini beasts and we will be bringing the giant African land snails to their new home at city.

Pre-school have made some fabulous snails, concentrating on their fine motor skills and concentration to be able to follow he swirl on the snail. The babies have been busy making lady birds out of paper plates, exploring the texture of the paint, paint brushes and also finger painting on wooden log slices.




The children in the 2-3’s classroom have all enjoyed learning about farms and the many different animals that live there. The children used different resources to create new textures also used different paints for each animal.

The children are all getting ready to celebrate Chinese New Year! and have all got very creative making a dragon and some Chinese fans. The children have picked out different resources to create the dragons scales.



We regularly practise yoga, meditation and mindfulness at St. George’s Nursery. We encourage children to talk about their feelings, and help them to deal with any difficult or negative emotions they may be facing.

This week for Mental Health Awareness Week, we’ve been doing a yoga flow with specific poses to help relieve stress and anxiety and we’ve been learning to create a relaxing atmosphere.



Our Piglet room have been exploring the world using their senses. They used their hands to feel the different textures on the texture board and the jelly between their fingers. They listened to all the different sounds the wooden rattles made when the children shook them. They have been smelling different herbs, scented oils and lots more. Piglets have been tasting lots of colourful, yummy fruit and looking at the animal shadows on the walls.

The children in pre-school have been exploring what happens when they mix different coloured paints together. The children chose what paints they would like to experiment with, then they rubbed their hands together to find out what colour they had created.

Our Lions and Hippos have been enjoying our texture trays. They explored the cereal and rice using their hands, spoons and tubs. Also in Lions and Hippos the children have been busy working in their new post office role play. They’ve been writing letters, answering the phones and busy typing.

Our Piglet room have been getting creative with lots of different artwork for their cosy corner display . Here they are making butterflies using their feet and paint. The children shown excitement as they felt the paint between their toes.

Well 2020, what a year!!! Despite some ups, downs and lockdowns, we wanted to share with you some of our highlights of 2020!


Despite having to close our nurseries for a short while, we stayed safe at home, we clapped and drew rainbows for the NHS, we brought the beach to our gardens, we shared our fun activities with our friends and families and we managed to keep in touch with one another! Instead of feeling sad, we encouraged everyone to think about all the people we want to visit, the fun places we want to go  and happy things we want to do, and then writing them onto a piece of paper and popping them into our jar so that once it is all safe and the lockdown has been lifted we can then open our jar and carry out all of these activities!


We then opened our St. George’s doors once again and we were then reunited with our friends! We played outside in the sun, we practised some yoga and meditation, we played and dressed up, some of our little friends graduated and we received a visit from some furry friends, we celebrated various festivals, we launched our big collection for those in need (and featured on BBC East Midlands!) and we kept in touch with our friends at the care home!




Yes a very different year indeed… but we still made the most of it!

So a very Happy New Year from our St. George’s family to yours. Here is to a wonderful 2021!!!

It has well and truly been a fun & magical festive period at St. George’s Nursery. We’ve had a lot of fun activities for both the children and our staff!

For our children we’ve been making lots of Christmas decorations and Christmas card, listening to festive stories, singing Christmas songs, as well as Christmas lunches and a Christmas party!!




Our staff have also been participating in their own competitions, fun & games!

A festive bake-off (wow! Our team are talented!!!! Almost 40 entries – yes it was a tough decision! See below a few of the highlights)


Our staff room festive makeover competition (I know our staffrooms were transformed in to truly magical Winter Wonderlands!)


And even a Golden Ticket hunt (this became seriously competitive!)








Despite some gloomy weather and the continuous Covid restrictions, at St. George’s, our amazing team maintained high spirits!


So from our wonderful St. George’s family to your family, a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Here is to a fab 2021!!


Intergenerational care is the practice of bringing the young and elderly together by introducing nurseries and care homes to one another.


At St. George’s Nursery School, in pre-Covid times, we organised regular visits from residents of different care homes so that they could come and spend time with us at nursery.

Our aim is to help our children learn about ageing, gain respect for the elderly and develop empathy, social and emotional development and mutual respect. It also helps them to improve their language development and give them confidence to meet and talk to new people.



The residents from care homes have also benefited from our regular interactions such as receiving great entertainment from children reduced feelings of loneliness.


It is important for children to build up a sense of community from a young age and to begin to understand the values of how to help others.
We can’t wait for our next visit when it is safe to do so again!


However in the meantime, we have been sending letters and artwork to our friends at the care homes to let them know we are thinking of them. Below you can see some pictures of the poppy artwork and Christmas cards we sent recently. In December we also visited them in their garden to sing some Christmas carols with them. It was absolutely lovely!! Both children and care home residents thoroughly enjoyed and all joined in to sing-a-long!









It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We are well and truly already in the festive spirit here at St. George’s, with our decorations up slightly earlier than usual #StGeorgesFestiveSpirit

See below some of recent activities – both festive and non-festive!

At Enderby:

Our Preschool children have been talking about recycling this week. They have been talking about different ways they can re-use and recycle lots of things.


At Oadby:

Our 2’s-3’s created some Scottish Flags & Thistles for St Andrew’s Day.


At Narborough:



At Aylestone:




At City:

Letters to Santa, a Christmas display and pre school tree decorated by the children!

What a busy November we’ve had so far at St. George’s! Celebrating Bonfire Night and Learning about Remembrance Day, BBC Children in Need 2020, the St. George’s Big Collection & Diwali. Yep and we are only 2 weeks in!!

Here are some pictures of our recent activities, artwork and even some yummy treats we’ve had!


Our children observing 2 minutes silence on Remembrance Day…

& dressing up for Diwali!




A report by Ofsted into the impact of the pandemic finds that children who were hardest hit by nursery closures and restrictions have regressed in some basic skills and learning. For example, the report find that some young children, who were previously potty-trained, have lapsed back into nappies, particularly those whose parents were working from home and/or those unable to work flexibly. Children have also lost stamina in their reading and writing, some have lost physical fitness, others show signs of mental distress, including an increase in eating disorders and self-harm


Ofsted Inspectors “discovered some children had become ‘less independent’, ‘less confident and more anxious’ since the first national lockdown.” If they had returned to their setting, many were back to using dummies and comforters. They were also back in nappies despite previously being toilet trained while others had forgotten ‘how to play’ as they did not have access to the same quality of toys at home.


Commenting on the report, Alliance chief executive Neil Leitch said:
“At a time when there is so much focus on access to ‘childcare’ element of early years provision, this report is a timely reminder of the vital early education that nurseries, pre-schools and childminders are delivering every day, and the tangible impact that losing access to this education can have on young children.
“Providers have done an incredible job of supporting children in their care throughout this pandemic, but they should not be left to tackle this challenge alone. It’s time the Government remembered that early years provision is not just about getting parents back to work – it’s about delivering high-quality learning and development opportunities at the most critical time of a child’s life – and started providing the support that the sector needs to continue doing just that.”



“We have now entered a second national lockdown. This time, at least, schools, colleges and nurseries are to remain open. That is very good news indeed,” said Ofsted chief inspector Amanda Spielman.

At St. George’s Nursery, one of our current focus areas is to help children develop or even re-develop some of these independent skills, such as toilet training, using a knife and fork at meal times, dressing and other skills that may have suffered over the first lockdown. We are working together with parents & carers to ensure that all children that missed out at nursery on learning, discovering, making friends and playing are fully up to speed, and happy, safe & learning!


Remembrance Day, originally called Armistice Day, is observed on November 11th, when the country pauses at the 11th hour to remember our fallen.

This year is the centenary of the Armistice – 100 years since the First World War came to an end – and here are seven simple ways you can help your children mark the occasion and honour Britain’s casualties of war.

Explaining Remembrance Day to your children doesn’t have to be complicated. At its heart, Nov. 11 is about donning red poppies in honour of fallen soldiers, those who have served in war, or are currently serving. But for little ones who aren’t quite able to grasp this concept, there are always songs, picture books, and — our personal favourite — crafts.

The latter is particularly useful in helping toddlers learn about Remembrance Day because it introduces them to important symbols, such as the poppy and the dove, in a fun way.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to start the conversation about peace, soldiers and war with your little one, here are some ideas:

Remembrance Cross — Pay tribute to those who did not return from conflict by decorating a cross in their memory.

Poppy Craft — There are so many great ways to recreate the poppy, using paper plates, cupcake wrappers, tissue paper and more. Have a look at the pics below of what we’ve been up to at St. George’s.

Bravery Medal — Introduce your child to the bravery people have shown throughout history and today to protect our country and freedoms. A bravery medal is lots of fun to make and can be customised with ribbon, gemstones and as much glitter as they want.

Observe the Two Minute Silence

Baking? – How about some remembrance day cookies!

Did You Know?